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As part of your ISSN application, you must provide ISSN Canada with a mock-up (page proofs) of a forthcoming issue or with a published issue of your publication. We need to see the following:

  • A page showing the title of the publication (cover, title page, title screen, main menu)
  • A page showing the name of the publisher and the place of publication (masthead, copyright statement, "About Us," "Contact Us") in the Roman alphabet.
  • Contents of publication (articles)

Select how you are submitting your mock-up or published issue:

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Give the title of your publication exactly as it appears on the title page, title screen, cover, caption, or masthead (in that order of preference). If the title is in a non-Roman alphabet or script (such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese), give the transliterated form of the title.

Indicate all formats in which the publication is issued in its entirety at the same time. See publications not eligible to receive ISSNs.

Give the beginning date, or the projected beginning date, of the first issue published (or to be published) under this title.

Please fill in section '4. Format of publication'

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Give the numerical/chronological designation of the first issue published under this title (such as: "Volume 1, number 1 (summer 2010)"; "Issue 13 (February 2007)"; "2004/2005").

If this publication was previously published under a different title (continues an earlier title), complete the fields below.

Indicate how often the publication is published.

Indicate the language(s) of the publication.

Complete another application form for each language edition that is published separately.

If the URL of the online publication changes depending on the chosen language, then it is considered a separate publication and not a bilingual publication.

If you already have an ISSN for this publication in another format, give the ISSN below. (For example, the publication is already in print, and you are requesting an ISSN for the online version.)

If this publication is online, give the exact Internet location (URL) for the entire series.

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